Feeling overwhelmed?  Need fair and honest help?  Call us! 

Here is what we do once you make the call.

1.  We meet with you in your home.  We review the home and the              general contents.  We work with you on picking a date(s) for the sale. 

    • Do you want to keep the items that don't sell? 
    • Do you want to donate all the unsold items to charity for a tax write-off? 
    • Do you need our assistance in completely emptying the home? 
    • Do you want the home cleaned afterward? 

Tell us what you need.  We can make almost anything happen... 

2.  That's it.  You don't have to do anything else... but sign a contract which hires us..  From here on out it is for us to worry... not you.

3.  We take a complete set of digital pictures and post them on our website as well as other advertisement sites.  We email over 5,000 people for each sale. 

4.  We organize and stage the contents of the estate.

5.  We can place security cameras in the home to deter theft. 

6.  We research items to be sure we get top-dollar.

7.  We use our wireless credit card system to allow high-dollar sale transactions.

8.  We staff the sale to create an inviting, comfortable environment for sales!

9.  Within 72 hours of the sale, we provide you with a check for the proceeds of your sale.

10.  Based on the agreement, we can provide whole-house cleaning, carpet cleaning, donation services, and virtually any other service you need!  Just ask us.

Realtors like working with us because we do what we say. If it's agreed to empty the home, we empty the home. If you need additional cleaning services, we give you additional cleaning services. Our promises count... and we hold this standard to everyone we work with.

Please... don't throw anything away. We continually surprise our customers when we give them money for items they were considering as junk!